FPR12 Pro 50-130 psi 3000hp (TS-0404-1252)



Turbosmart FPR12 Pro 5-Prot EFI
50-130 psi 3000hp Suit -12AN (Black)



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Turbosmart FPR12 Pro 5-Prot EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator
50-130 psi 3000hp Suit -12AN (Black)


The Turbosmart FPR Pro 12 Series provides market leading fuel control and response via true 1:1 ratio and superior flow and bypass capacity for vehicles with -12 / 12AN fuel feed and -10 / 10AN return fittings. Utilising our Stainless Steel Valve Seat & Milspec Diaphragm the FPR12 Pro Series is suitable for all Fuel types including Race Fuel and aggressive leaded fuels. Our FPR12 Pro Range includes 1 x 12AN inlet, 4 x 10AN outlet ports and a 10AN return and is available in Pro EFI (50psi to 130psi) and Pro M (50psi to 100psi) for Mechanical Pump Systems.

Stainless Steel Valve Seat
Suitable for all fuel types
1:1 Class Leading Ratio & Response
Adjustable Pressure
1/8 NPT Pressure Sensor Port
Unique Locking Collar Design
Milspec Diaphragm
Detailed Specific Fuel Flow Data & Spec.




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