G57-3000 Super Core (880547-5030S)

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Garrett Super Core G57-3000
(Compressor Inducer: 106mm,  Exducer: 144mm)

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Garrett Super Core G57-3000
(Compressor Inducer: 106mm,  Exducer: 144mm)

Horsepower: 1400 – 3000
Displacement: 3.0L – 12.0L



• Supports up to 3000 horsepower
• 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm, 106mm compressor options
• 118mm inducer turbine wheel
• 28% more turbine flow (compared to GTX) see graph below
• One-piece aluminum center housing
• 16mm dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge
• Outline interchangeable with GTX Gen II turbos
• Super core and turbine kit sold individually


G-Series: A Turn Ahead Of The Competition:

Garrett  G57 turbochargers feature the latest innovations in turbocharger technology. Advanced compressor and turbine aero offer a range of high horsepower performance boosting solutions for 3.0L – 12.0L engine platforms. 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm, 106mm compressor inducer sizes produce up to 3000 horsepower for today’s top drag race teams.

Turbine Stage:
The newly engineered turbine wheel with optimized G Series aerodynamics increases flow up to 28% (Compared to GTX Gen II, see graph below). The large 90 trim turbine stage measures 118mm at the inducer and 112mm at the exducer.  The G57 is offered with three stainless steel V-band turbine housings in 1.09 A/R, 1.25 A/R, and 1.41 A/R.

Center Housing:
One-piece aluminium center housing reduces supercore weight.  The center housing is air cooled, features a 16mm dual ceramic ball bearing for premium rotor dynamics, and retains the oil inlet and outlet specifications from previous GTX designs.

Compressor Stage:
Garrett G57 compressor stages are offered in 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm, and 106mm inducer sizes each with their own horsepower ratings indicated in the model name.

Turbine Housings:

  • Stainless steel turbine housings
  • Short outlet (SFI certified not available)
  • Three turbine configurations: 1.09 A/R, 1.25 A/R, 1.41 A/R
  • V-band inlet: 4.25 inch (108mm) (same as GTX55)
  • V-band outlet: 5.15 inch (131mm) (same as GTX55)






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