GBC37-900 Super Core (913840-5002S)

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Garrett Boost | Club Line GBC37-900
Super Core (CW Inducer 67mm)


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Garrett Boost | Club Line GBC37-900 Super Core
(Compressor Wheel Inducer 67mm)

Horsepower: 450 – 900
Displacement: 2.0L – 5.5L


Garrett Boost | Club Line turbochargers are high performance journal bearing products in a cost effective price range. GBC combines modern, high flowing aerodynamics with a robust journal bearing rotating group to make a powerful and affordable turbocharger.


• Billet compressor wheel with extended tip design for higher pressure ratios.
• 67mm compressor wheel with GTX Gen II compressor aerodynamics.
• Journal bearing rotating group with 360-degree thrust bearing.
• Outline interchangeable with GBC35-700 for stage upgrades.
• Machined boost signal port with installed plug.
• Modern turbine wheel aerodynamics.
• Oil-cooled center housing.



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