GVB-50A 50mm 10psi Red (914956-0001)

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Garrett GVB-50A
Blow-Off Valve 50mm VTA Red


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Garrett Blow-Off Valve GVB-50A 50mm 10psi Vent To Atmosphere Red

Garrett Vent | Blow-Off Valves release excess boost pressure from the charge pipe when the throttle is closed, preventing damage to the turbocharger and other engine components, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging the turbo’s lifespan. Garrett Vent | Blow-Off Valves are created by the engineers that designed G-Series turbochargers and GVW Wastegates. GVB-50 is a high-flowing BOV with a 50mm valve, available in four striking color combinations: Red | Blue | Black | Silver. Select between vent to atmosphere (VTA) and recirculating (RCV) housing options. Delivering a maximum flow up to 350 CFM | .21kg/s (RCV) as a result of advanced CFD design software used to simulate, visualize, and quantify airflow before manufacturing started (GVB-50R RCV). The proprietary designed, high-temperature Nomex reinforced elastomer diaphragm ensures unmatched durability and fatigue resistance. A plated stem and bushing lower friction and improve wear resistance.

GVB Blow-Off Valves are set to 10 PSI of base pressure and offer configurable rates from 0.2 Bar | 3 PSI – 0.9 Bar | 13 PSI. Unlike the other products on the market, Garrett includes five springs enabling fine tuning of the pressure setting to optimize BOV performance, and therefore overall turbo system performance. The single vacuum port streamlines functionality. Every kit contains- all fasteners, springs, fittings, V-bands, clamps, and flanges.


Key Features
CFD tested for maximum flow and thermal efficiency
Replaceable components to increase service life
Robust design for easy diaphragm replacement
6061 Anodized aluminum actuator cover and fully-machined billet housing
Maximum flow 350 CFM | .21kg/s for GVB-50R
Four outlet adapters for the recirculating valve. Adapters sold separately
Base pressure 0.7 Bar | 10 PSI (blue and white spring installed)
Configurable springs settings include: 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 9 | 10 | 12 | 13 PSI
Wrought Aluminum Alloy Weld Flange
17/7 PH Stainless Steel Springs
Plated stem and bushing for lowered friction and wear resistance
High temp nomex reinforced diaphragm
Stainless steel fittings and fasteners
BOV flange dimensions interchangeable with Tial Q and QR




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