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Autolite Iridium Spark Plug XP5224
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Autolite Iridium Spark Plug XP5224

When you’re passionate about performance, you need a technologically advanced plug. Autolite Iridium XP utilizes an iridium-enhanced 0.6 mm finewire and proprietary platinum sidewire for improved durability* and a more focused ignition for better overall ignitability** providing optimum performance. Now with a lifetime limited warranty.

*Compared to 0.8mm finewire, multi-electrode design and standard plugs
**Compared to average of other premium brands.


Product Specs

  • Thread Size:                          14mm X 1.25
  • Reach:                                     3/4″
  • Hex Size:                                5/8″ (16mm)
  • Seat Type:                              Gasket
  • Tip Configuration:             Long Projection
  • Resistor:                                Resistor
  • Special Feature(s):             Finewire
  • Gap:                                         .044″/1.1mm
  • Heat Range Chart Row:    24
  • Metal Type:                           Iridium
  • Terminal Type:                    Solid


Competitor Name and Part #

BMW                        12 12 0 032 134
BMW                        12 12 0 032 135
BMW                        12 12 2 158 252
BOSCH                      9614
BOSCH                      FR8KII332X
CHAMPION               9000
CHAMPION               9202
CHAMPION               9203
CHAMPION               9782
CHAMPION               9813
CHAMPION               RC10WMPB4
CHAMPION               RC10ZWYPB4
CHAMPION               RC12WLPB4
CHAMPION               RC12WMPB4
CHAMPION               RC8ZWYPB
CHAMPION               RC8ZWYPB4
CHAMPION               RC8ZWYPB5
CHRYSLER                 56028179
CHRYSLER                 56028189
DENSO                      IK20TT
DENSO                      SK16PR-A11
DENSO                      SK22PR-M11S
DENSO                      SKJ16CR-L11
DENSO                      SKJ16DR-M11
DENSO                      SKJ20DR-M11
DENSO                      SKJ20DR-M11S
DENSO                      SKJ20DR-M13
GENERAL M.           12582002
HONDA                     12290-RB1-003
HONDA                     98078-5617W
HONDA                     98079-5515G
HONDA                     98079-571BV
HONDA                     98079-571CV
HONDA                     9807B-5515W
HONDA                    9807B-5517W
HONDA                    9807B-5615W
HONDA                    9807B-5617W
HONDA                    9807B-561BW
HONDA                   9807B-561CW
HONDA                   9807B-56A5W
HONDA                   9807B-56A7W
NGK       IZFR6H-11
NGK       IZFR6K
NGK       IZFR6K-11
NGK       IZFR6K-11S
NGK       IZFR6K-13
NGK       IZFR6K11
NGK       IZFR6N-E
NGK       ZFR5FIX-11
NGK       ZFR6FIX-11
NGK       IFR7G-11K
NGK       IFR7G-11KS
NGK       IFR7L11
NGK       IZFR5B
NGK       IZFR5G
NGK       IZFR5J
NGK       IZFR5K
NGK       IZFR5K11
NGK       IZFR5L-11
NGK       IZFR5L11
NGK       IZFR6F11



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