Speed Sensor Street – G-Series (781328-0003)

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Garrett Speed Sensor Street Kit
Suits G-Series Turbocharger Models



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Garrett Speed Sensor Street Kit for G-Series Models
(Includes Garrett®-branded gauge)


Comparing boost levels and shaft speed on a compressor map, you can determine the ideal operating conditions to insure peak power over a wider operating range. All Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kits are compatible with dataloggers to enhance engine tuning capability. In addition, the Garrett®-branded gauge’s maximum speed recall function will retain the highest wheel speed for five minutes for easy mapping.

The data gained from the Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit can be used to closely estimate the engine’s flow behavior without a flow bench. Flow information is invaluable for determining if the turbocharger is reaching its maximum performance, for validating the turbo match, and for ensuring that it is not over-speeding, allowing you to avoid potentially damaging operating conditions.

This kit could even be used in conjunction with an aftermarket ECU to limit compressor speed. The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit will help you be sure you’ve got the correct turbo for your needs!



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