ALV40 Outlet Weld Flange (TS-0550-3099)

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Turbosmart ALV 3-1 Weld Flange 19mm
(3/6 Cylinder 3 Outlet Pipes)


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Turbosmart ALV 3-1 Weld Flange (3/6 Cylinder 3 Outlet Pipes)

Turbosmart’s Outlet Weld Flange Suit is designed to fit the company’s ALV40 Range of Fresh-Air / Bypass Anti-Lag Valves. Turbosmart has machined these flanges in-house to ensure they fit 3 and 6-cylinder engines. With this precision engineering, Turbosmart provides industry-leading quality and reliability when providing anti-lag valves for various engine configurations. Turbosmart customers can be assured that they receive a product with uncompromising attention to detail and craftsmanship that delivers superior performance every time. The Turbosmart Outlet Weld Flange Suit makes the installation of the ALV40 quick and easy, ensuring streamlined integration into existing systems.


Outlet Port Size: 19mm

Available in
2-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3100
3-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3099
4-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3098
5-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3104
6-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3114



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