Philips LED Fog Bulb H8/H11/H16 (00322531)

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Philips Ultinon Essential LED
Fog Bulb H8/11/16 (Set of 2)

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Philips Ultinon Essential LED Fog Bulb H8 / H11 / H16 (Set of 2)

Easily upgrade your style and safety by customizing your car with Philips Ultinon Essential LED headlights. With up to 6,500 K color temperature, compact all in one design and dual heat dissipation technology, these LED upgrade bulbs provide a consistently bright white light and beam for your journey.


Powerful brightness
• Up to 6,500 K for a stylish white light
• See more and avoid dangerous glare with a precise beam

Reliable durability with dual heat dissipation

• Expect long lasting performance thanks to Dual heat dissipation system


Compact all in one design for plug and play use
• Integrated driver box facilitating easy fit
• Compact one piece design allows to take the out the center ring from top easily,
without unscrewing Compatible


Compatible with major vehicle models
• Compatible 12V & 24V electrically







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